Yearly Archives: 2015

Chinese Real Estate Investors and EB-5 Visas

Blog Photo Although some Chinese individuals may invest in the United States for diversification purposes, most are seeking an EB-5 visa. According to the US Department of State’s full “Report of the Visa Office 2014,” China mainland-born investors...

Land is the Perfect Investment

blog WO 12-14-15 Are you an investor wondering where to invest their money next? The opportunities for flipping houses or purchasing rental homes are starting to dwindle, but there’s another option that could be fruitful: investing in...

Housing Lot Shortage Prevents Home Sales

Blog Photo Home construction is on pace to hit a post-recession high this year, but a fundamental problem is preventing an even sharper ramp-up: a shortage of places to put the units.  Builders are increasingly complaining of a...