Living in the UK, I was leery about initiating investments opportunities in the US. My experience with Asset Quest however was extremely informative and simple. I let them know the amount I had to invest, and they provided me with information on three different investment avenues. They presented me with building plots, rental properties and a small commercial building. Each presentation showed me full ROI I was scheduled to receive, and their estimations have been more than accurate. I highly recommend their services.

Rhys Jordan Investor, UK

Partnering with Asset Quest has been lucrative for myself and my partners. Asset Quest works well with the international community, and works hard to help place my clients funds into safe US investments. They do not gouge international buyers the way other companies do. I recommend their services to anyone who wants to buy in the US real estate market, and who is looking to get the best ROI and education on their investments.

Roberto Vitorino Brazil, Real Estate Broker

I had owned many properties throughout Florida, and wasn't getting the return I was after. I consulted with Asset Quest, and their divestment team, and was able to see a profit I was happy with. They then guided me through a reinvestment strategy into commercial properties, and I am now making more money than I ever thought possible. I can't thank the team at Asset Quest enough for pointing me in the right direction.

John O'Malley Port Charlotte, Florida