Asset Quest focuses on aggregating properties throughout Florida. However, we can initiate our target land acquisition to anywhere that meets your demand. Since 2015, we have built proprietary software that allows us to be more efficient acquiring target properties.

Our clients include worldwide institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds and REIT’s. We also work heavily with financial institutions, land development companies, multiple public and private companies, and individual real estate investors and developers. Our real estate clients are leaders in the real estate development, investment, and lending businesses, the hospitality and resort industries and in the retail, agricultural and industrial sectors. These investors often seek representation when pursuing investment and development properties. We serve our clients and buyers by focusing on key investment properties, identified by our land acquisition professionals.

All of our clients receive prompt service & advice, utilizing expertise found throughout the Asset Quest organization. Our brokers, real estate analysts, land appraiser, GIS mapping specialists, accountants and land acquisition team, all come together to provide the highest quality of due diligence reporting.

Our experienced staff, our relationships and resources throughout the real estate industry help our customers accomplish their goals with complete satisfaction. Our passion for real estate keeps us growing and we are happy to guide you in your Quest for Assets.

For detailed discussions of your intentions to invest, please contact me directly.

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