Most real estate investment firms boast elaborate and extensive acquisitions teams, but neglect to put forth the same effort in asset sales and divestments. Asset Quest has a knowledgeable and diverse resale team, who work with developers, insurance companies, individual property buyers, and other avenues for selling off your assets when the time is right. The best land divestors approach divestitures with the same level of planning and rigor that their counterparts bring to acquisitions. Your advantage in working with Asset Quest, is that it has equally established sell-side teams, which are constantly screening our client’s portfolios for divestiture candidates while continually thinking through the timing and implementation steps needed to maximize value for our investors.

When selling land, we create a compelling marketing campaign to reach the optimal audience maximizing the value for our clients’ holdings. With a team of divestment and marketing specialists, along with our extensive experience in acquisitions and sales, we are uniquely placed to evaluate potential transactions to keep you informed of the risks and opportunities involved.

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