Land- They Aren’t Making More of It

Land- They Aren’t Making More of It


Land as an investment is generally not considered by many existing or new real estate investors, but can be a lucrative addition to any real estate portfolio.  Land offers many advantages over traditional real estate investments like rentals, commercial properties or “flipper” homes.  Land lots have low maintenance and unlike their more traditional counterparts, appreciate in value over time.

Purchasing vacant land for investment is generally a much easier process than purchasing a property with an existing structure.  Generally, land is less expensive than existing properties and in many instances a vacant land lot can be purchased for cash instead of having to seek out financing or a mortgage.  To become a serious land investor, very little overhead and start up fees are required.  Also, because there are no existing structures with a vacant land purchase an inspection can be completed very easily and at a fraction of the cost of property with a structure included.

If you are looking to invest in real estate that is inexpensive over the long term, land is the perfect investment.  If you buy in cash, no mortgage payment is required.  Additionally, there are no utility bills to pay; property insurance is much less expensive as are property taxes.  With land, you can make a purchase, take ownership and sit back and watch your land appreciate in value.

The beauty of land investment is that it is a resource with limited quantities available.  Eventually, due to population growth and as populations move from larger cities to more rural areas, land will become scarce.   If you invested at the right time, you’ll be able to sell your land for incredible profits to developers or those seeking the perfect home site.

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