Why Florida Land Investors Must Consider Babcock Ranch

Why Florida Land Investors Must Consider Babcock Ranch

Babcock Ranch Land

One hundred years ago, Pittsburgh-based lumberman E.V. Babcock purchased property in southwest Florida because he wanted to process its long-leaf pine.  Hardwoods were exported to, among other place, Africa, to replace wooden infrastructure that was crumbling in mines.  In the 1930s Crescent B Ranch turned to cattle as its main business.  And 50 years ago, in 1965, a territorial agreement approved by the Florida Public Service Commission divided the Babcock Ranch property between two electric power providers: Florida Power & Light (FPL) and Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC).

Nine years ago, Palm Beach Gardens–based Kitson & Partners purchased the 91,000-acre Babcock Ranch, then immediately sold 73,000 acres to the State of Florida in the largest land preservation purchase in the state’s history.  The remaining 18,000 acres — an area larger than Manhattan — was slated to become the town of Babcock, designed with environment and energy technology and consciousness, and destined to be America's most walk-able, hike-able, bike-able town with neighborhoods and public resources linked together by an extensive greenway and trail system.

Recently, ground broke for the Babcock Ranch, the countries first eco-city of its kind.  A must for Florida land investors, Babcock Ranch lots are selling quickly and highly sought after at a low sales price.  ROI on land in Babcock Ranch is expected to skyrocket as the development of the land continues.  Babcock Ranch is planned to include:

  • A fully integrated conduit system will include sewer, water, gas, power and data
  • A public charter, college preparatory school system that emphasizes blended digital learning is envisioned for K-12 learning in the new community
  • A wellness, fitness and longevity center will provide complete fitness facilities along with other services such as nutritional guidance, weight management and stress reduction.
  • A community organic garden and living walls of herbs will offer residents easy access to growing and eating healthy foods
  • Park and greenways will provide many opportunities for outdoor recreation

If you are a Florida land investor looking to add a high ROI producing land lot to your portfolio, contact a member of the 9 Core Team today.

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